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terms & conditions

  • Drone MRO do not accept drones that have suffered total submersion in salt or fresh water. Partial submersion in fresh water repairs are possible.

  • The optional phone consultation is free. There is no obligation to repair your drone with us, but we are happy to talk about your concerns and provide our professional advice.

  • Please note, a consultation is not a quote.

  • If you ship or drop off your drone and we then determine we cannot fix it or you wish to not continue with the repair following our parts cost diagnosis, we will return your drone with a full refund minus a $85 quotation fee.

  • As one-way shipping is included* in the fixed rate, you will be emailed postage paid shipping instructions for your drone or alternatively, you can drop your drone to us here.

  • Carefully pack your drone when you ship it to our repair facility. Drone MRO is not responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping or for lost packages. Be sure to include your Work Order form with your drone and shipping label to affix on the side of your drone’s postage box. These will be emailed to you upon payment of the repair fee.

  • Once your drone is received, we will provide a parts cost estimation for your approval.

  • Part costs (if any) are paid along with your return shipping fee. Any shipping fees paid for by the customer are charged ‘at cost’, as per current Australia Post rates.

  • Your drone is repaired, test flown and packaged for return.

  • The repair times are calculated from the time that the parts costs are approved by the customer and include business days only. Once we receive your email approving parts costs and we send you a confirmation email that we have received your approval, the clock starts.

  • An IMU and compass calibration will need to be completed by you once a drone is returned. They are necessary whenever a drone is transported a long distance.


All customers that ship their drones to Drone MRO after purchasing a Fixed Rate Repair must comply with the shipping instructions as advised by Drone MRO staff. Of most importance is the requirement to leave all dangerous goods out of your delivery and remove any items not required to diagnose and repair your drone.

To avoid additional postage and handling fees, it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the package does not deviate outside the advised weight, content and dimension parameters set by Drone MRO in your Fixed Rate Repair Shipping Instruction e-mail.

  • All drones shipped from Western Australia, Northern Territory or Far North Queensland will incur an additional $25 postage & handling fee to the fixed rate repair prices.

  • Inspire, Matrice & Spreading Wings platforms incur a further $35 shipping charge with the above Western Australia, Northern Territory & Far North Queensland surcharges also applied.

  • All Fixed Rate Repair figures are exclusive of parts. The fixed rate value covers the labour involved to receive, diagnose, repair and test fly your drone – no matter the damage. Any parts required will be at an additional expense, the payment of which is required in full prior to collecting your drone.

  • All works carried out by Drone MRO are guaranteed for 1 month after the repaired drone has been delivered back to you. This guarantee covers all faulty parts and labour.

  • All drones maintained, repaired or overhauled by Drone MRO are test flown by a CASA approved RPAS operator with test flight evaluation forms available upon request.

  • Labour fees incurred by Drone MRO technicians working on your drone are reimbursed in the event of an approved refund. Unless proven as faulty, parts costs will not be refunded in the event of a labour refund approval. If your drone has incurred shipping charges to and/or from our facility, a $85 postage, handling & quotation fee is also non refundable.

  • Drone MRO approved competitors are Australian based & registered businesses with a physical commercial property from which they operate.

  • We will beat any written quote from an approved competitor for the exact damage repair and parts provision for the same make & model of drone as being requested of Drone MRO.

  • Final repair and / or parts payment must be made by the customer within 7 days of notice of works completion.


The offer of Drone Rental is under the following conditions:

  • Customer must have a drone currently under repair with Drone MRO.

  • Customer must hold a current, CASA issued Remote Pilot License (RePL).

  • $500 security bond is required prior to drone rental.

  • $50 per day lease fee is required.

  • Maximum 3 days consecutive lease.

  • $50 per day lease fee will be deducted from the $500 security bond prior to refund.

  • Any damage sustained to the rental drone or its associated accessories will be the leasors full responsibility.

  • Repair cost re-reimbursement will be as per Drone MRO’s relevant Fixed Rate Repair price, plus parts. This expense will be deducted from the $500 security bond.

  • Should the combination of the drones lease fees, fixed rate repair and parts exceed the $500 security bond, it is the customers responsibility to reimburse Drone MRO in full prior to re-claiming their own platform which would currently be with Drone MRO for repair.

  • The customer, without fault, will operate the drone within the prescribed limitations of their RePL whilst adhering to all requirements imposed within, but not limited to CASR – 1998 – Part 101.